What Kind of Book Would You Write?

What kind of book would you write?

Think about it, what grabs your attention, what do you glance over, what draws you in? When did you see someone’s story that speaks? The art of someone passionately telling their story, right?

It is captivating, I think! Do you ever feel the author’s thoughts keep speaking to you in your head..?

Hmm.. What is that story in my heart? What is my passion? What is my journey? What do I want to tell someone? Or maybe you just want to say to yourself? That’s ok. But what kind of book would you write if you wrote a book?

I love this question, and I ask this to many of my friends. Some people can tell you straight up, and some never even had this desire in their hearts. 

Regardless, I think it is an important question to ask ourselves because it also helps us realize and become aware of what is essential to ourselves: what story/ experience/ how-to/ legacy/ DIY/ hobby/ you name it- is

possible. At first, I asked myself how I could just write one blog. To my surprise, I couldn’t stop writing and knew a book was coming out of me. My Devine Heart became visible to me in my own heart and, over time, took shape externally into a 200-page memoir. I have found that exercising my writing skills has become much more manageable. Even though I chose not to publish it when I completed writing, it was not wasted! What followed was the creation of my business, 

Faith Filled Furniture. Creating art and writing a blog, most of all, the writing led me to know more about who I am. 

Identity can sometimes get lost when we have so many roles to play. We know maybe we are a parent, a spouse, a son, or a daughter. But who are we just as we are? When I was forced back into the single life after a long-term marriage ended, these questions stared me in the

face. Who are you, Diane? What do you like to do in this world? When I finally asked myself, ‘What kind of book would you write?’ It was the exercise that took me on the journey to know these answers! What is beautiful is that I think more books are possible as I grow and evolve.

Something I did not think at one point was possible. I could unblock the fear and trust the Lord to bring it to reality. I decided to continue to write a blog again, and now song lyrics, and I am taking voice lessons! I have almost 12 songs so far with music to them! 

Through this process of examination of self, I discovered song lyrics are one of my best gifts. They flow easily out of me. One day I might use

them to write a musical! If God wills this. I have many ideas for one!

Isn’t that cool how God works! This is one thing I say often! I love how God works! We just have to be open to allowing God to work in our lives!

What story is in your heart that you want to tell?

Can you take some time to foster the possibilities?

I believe you can if you want to when you are ready.

Even if you don’t want to actually write a book, I encourage you to ask yourself this question for your own personal discovery of your own beautiful self! Grab a notebook or a journal, go to your

special place where you stay grounded in your authentic self, and know you are safe and it is ok to drop all the masks and walls. It is just you and God looking inside you.

What do you see? What’s in there? What is your story?

Do you know there is no other story as unique as you? Do you know your story is worthy and matters? I love when people discover who they are by asking a simple question that makes them dive deep! Go ahead! Dare to ask yourself, what kind of book would you write?

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