What does a passionate Christian Woman look like?

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She’s definitely not perfect or guiltless. In fact, she is probably one hot mess, which makes her as human as you or I. A passionate Christian woman cares deeply for the things of God, and this passion is the motivating force in her life.

A passionate Christian woman avoids sin so she can gain intimacy with God. She accepts the boundaries God has placed on us, understanding these boundaries are there so that we may achieve happiness in our lives through God. When she falters, she humbly asks for forgiveness and works to do better.

She is a woman who thirsts for a Margarita, sure, but definitely for God. St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said it best. “I thirst for you.” For a passionate Christian woman, God is the meaning behind her life. She is a woman who has experienced the intense satisfaction of a personal relationship with God.

She hungers for truth. Living in a secular world can be confusing and, at times, disarming. However, a passionate Christian woman pursues God’s truth with intensity and determination.

She loves. A passionate Christian woman models unconditional love for all she encounters because she understands each person is deserving of the dignity that is afforded to them by being a child of God.

She understands life is a gift. Therefore, she is driven to live each day to its fullest in gratitude and service to the glory of God. She knows our time on earth is finite, but our eternal life is infinite. With that in mind, all that she does in this life is for God’s glory.

She understands she will falter, because she’s not God and doesn’t have all the answers.

A passionate Christian woman may fail. It is almost certain she will. Probably more than once. The thing is, she is receptive to the grace and forgiveness given to us by our Lord. God gave her His Holy Spirit to guide and empower her to follow His laws. When she doesn’t have the answers to the questions life brings up, she leans into him, and the mantle of our Lady, knowing there she is cared for and loved.

If you find your passion is waning, I encourage you to spend some time in prayer, asking God to fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit and to connect you with people who encourage holy friendships.

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