How to Bring the Cottagecore Style to Your Home 

You need only walk through a Target or browse through Instagram to see fashion and home decor inspiration that harkens to a simpler time. Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve developed a newfound appreciation for keeping things simple and an interest in the domestic tasks that were part of daily life for our grandparents. As a result, many of us dove into DIY projects, started urban gardens, and desired to make our homes cozier for them to feel like the true refuge they’d become. Ultimately this led to the resurfacing of a popular design trend of the late ’90s and early ’20s, “Shabby Chic,.” Today we’re calling it Cottagecore. The Cottagecore aesthetic includes the most endearing and accessible shabby chic elements, also known as “countrycore” or “farmcore.”

Continue reading for easy tips on bringing the Cottagecore to your home and lifestyle. 

Furniture is Key

Especially pieces with a rustic farmhouse look or French influence—are essential in Cottagecore home design. Vintage decor works well with this style aesthetic and helps create the nostalgic vibe Cottagecore is known for. Don’t worry about chipped paint or faded fabric. Like farmhouse decor, these so-called imperfections add charm to your Cottagecore home.

I recently worked on a vintage dresser from the 80’s that, although in good shape, wasn’t the good kind of dated.

Everything in the 80’s was very brown.

I took this custom piece from an 80’s shab to cottagecore fab! 

up cycled dresser custom dresser

Color recipe:

  • Primed Bin Primer 
  • Mineral fusion: 
  • Casement
  • Putty
  • Vintage Gold 
  • Ash
  • All in one stain White
  • Top Coat

DIY Paint:

  • Faded burlap paint wash
  • White wax
  • Faded burlap wax
  • Redesign by Prima

Decoupage Paper

  • Lined with Hydrangea Paper 

I love how this dresser turned out! 

I was most excited when the faded burlap paint wash toned down the bright white, and all together magic happened. I was praising God in this one! It matched the top perfect. I was so incredibly happy! 

I’m calling this the Cape Cod Cottage Dresser.

I had so much fun taking this piece from the dark dreary bulky 80s dresser it was; to this fresh here comes some summer style to take me to the beach house! 

This versatile statement piece can be used in a bedroom, living room, dining room and all throughout the home! This piece brings old world charm and beauty and with its clean crisp lines to refresh your space while providing abundant storage and functionality! 

It measures 66 W by 30 H by 19 D!

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, or commissioning a custom piece, I am excited to hear from you. Please use this contact form to reach out, or email me.

This was a work of love and I loved every second of doing this one!

One of my favorite flips to date! 

Let Spaces Feel Lived In

Earth tones and floral patterns pair perfectly with the Cottagecore aesthetic. In comparison, modern home design styles incorporate monochromatic color schemes and sleek lines; the Cottagecore trend leans on an eclectic mix of color and texture. An easy way to help the spaces in your home feel lived-in is to toss a cozy quilted throw over a crushed velvet chair. Stack your favorite books on your coffee table and use your grandmother’s pitcher for flowers. 

cottagecore style

Vintage Florals and Patterns

Cottage core is about cozy comfort and incorporating nature. Think about where the quintessential cottage sits (next to a wooded glen, meadow, or beach). Whatever you imagine in your mind’s eye can be brought to life in your urban home by bringing nature in. Vintage floral patterns on wallpaper or floral fabrics are an easy way to slowly adapt your home to this design aesthetic. Mix these with patterns you enjoy, and your home will become the cozy cottage of your dreams. 

cottagecore style

Soft Furnishings 

Nothing says cozy cottage-like an overstuffed pillow. Long billowing curtains that flutter in the breeze and cozy throws are an easy way to make you feel comfortable but also visually make your home feel welcoming. One can’t forget soft, plush rugs that can even be layered for a boho-cottage feel. 

cottagecore style

Decorate Your Walls

Cottagecore is about pastoral culture, so decorating your walls with scenes that depict rural life will help to give your home the cottage vibe. Landscape paints, botanical or nature prints, DIY projects like framed hand embroidered fabric, cross-stitched designs, polaroid photographs, or other nostalgic pieces are ideal decor choices for any Cottagecore home. 

cottagecore wall decor
Above is an original painting I did.

Natural Elements Indoors 

Plants are a simple and inexpensive way to bring texture and visual appeal to any home. You can forage for greenery in your backyard or neighborhood (make sure it’s okay). Run down to Trader Joe’s and scoop up some of their flower bouquets. Let your vase of fresh-cut flowers sit on top of a stack of vintage books or your kitchen counter near a canister of wooden spoons or layered wooden cutting boards. 

cottagecore stye

Don’t Hide Everything in Your Cupboards. 

Homemaking and the Cottagecore lifestyle go hand in hand. Use items you would use every day to help decorate your cottage kitchen. For example, display dry ingredients in glass canisters on your kitchen counter and place produce in baskets on your table or hanging from the ceiling. If cluttered counters aren’t your thing, consider open shelving or glass door cabinets to show off your dried aromatics or tea. 


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