Ten Steps to  Confidently Bloom Into Your Creativity 

Ten Steps to Take this Spring to Confidently Bloom into Your Creativity

Do you ever feel like your not creative? Do you feel stuck in your work or life? Are you a creative who is looking for ways to grow your creativity?

I can empathize. Which is why, I want to share how I learned to grow creatively which made my creative life bloom in ways I couldn’t have imagined!

You see..

There is an unspoken silence of the soul in moments of wonder, new life, seasons, new ideas, new blooms, new creations, the dawn in the sunrise of each new day. A moment of wonder and awe in the beauty of each fresh blossom. That first sprout, a pop of color peeking through barren soil, a lightbulb moment for a brilliant idea, the precious cry as a newborn gazes into its parents’ eyes for the first time. The sun’s radiance rises with the rays beaming down around us. How can we have this moment of wonder with ourselves? How can we have this moment of wonder with our creator? How can we grow creative with confidence and fully bloom this spring?

Each day we awake, it can feel like we are that newborn, and by day’s end, we feel like we have aged a lifetime. This is life, of course. The beauty of our humanity. Life is hard and full of challenges, unknowns, trials, tests, and limitations. I know I am guilty of sabotaging and creating a downward spiral sometimes that pulls me into a rabbit hole, sucking out any chance of new growth or seeing my wonder.

Has this ever happened to you? Do the trials of this life derail you sometimes? Do you ever forget who you are?

Do you ever wonder how to grow your creativity?

These were some of the things I pondered as I sought healing during a year-long journey of self-reflection. This growth brought about the fruition of a 200-page memoir I ultimately decided not to publish. Nothing was wasted; even though this intimate story may never be read by anyone but me, I discovered myself again! During my journey of discovery, I connected my heart, Diane Devine’s heart, to the divine heart of God. Here I blended the dreams of my heart with the desire of God’s heart. I surrendered to each and opened my heart. The result were lessons that allowed me to blossom into the woman God always intended me to be. I’m excited to narrow down these lessons into ten actional steps you can take to grow in your Creative Confidence!

Ten Steps to Take this Spring to Confidently Bloom into Your Creativity

Ten Steps to Take this Spring to Confidently Bloom & Grow Your Creativity

1. Let God In

The first and most significant lesson I learned, which allowed me to grow in my own creative confidence, was to let God in and let God be God. I recognized that I was like the broken house, the broken, unloved furniture, or the uncared for garden. You can also think of God as the Artist holding the paintbrush, and you are His masterpiece. Allowing God in, He is the carpenter of love ready to fix and restore our home. He is a good gardener who will care for our gardens. As the Master of all Creation, allowing Him into your life is the first step in your work to grow in your creative life.

Let God in

2. Be Still & Ask

Be Still and Ask all you need. This lesson is amazing! I learned if you ask and be still, God will reveal many things to you. During my writing journey, I wanted to know how I could grow in friendship with God, what long-lasting love looks like, and how to achieve this. God brought people, books, experiences, trials, tests, blessings, lessons, and witnesses of so many kinds to me to provide the insight I requested. As it turns out, many of these points were right in St John’s gospel! God had already revealed what I wanted to know; I just didn’t realize it!

Do you ever stop and think or ask, God, what is your heart’s desire? 

The most important thing I learned that I may have thought I knew or took for granted is what the desire of God’s heart is! Are you only thinking about what your own desires are? I asked God this question. I went to the Garden of Gethsemane, and God gave me the answer. The night before Jesus dies on the cross, He prays to the Father. We can see His desire as He says to the Father to please bring all of us with the Holy Trinity, Father Son, and Holy Spirit into the external exchange of Divine Love! To Divinitize Us! To save for us as a friend and bring us in and show us. Understanding this was really helpful in allowing me to gain confidence and grow in my creativity.

Be Still and Know

3. Know You Are A Child of God

Our identity as a child of God! He shows us we belong to a forever family and are chosen and created in the image of God. That is the image of love! A game-changer! We are loved. It is a fact. It is who we are created to be by the creator of love. Knowing this will prepare the soil in your garden and plant so many seeds. You recognize your true value and worth. You become aware of the relationship and respect and cherish it. Acknowledging that sometimes God will bring the sunshine, but He will also bring the rain. Because He knows what we need to grow in every aspect of our lives.

Know and understand, be confident in the fact that you can and will grow your creativity.

Know that You are a Child of God to Grow Creatively

4. Trust & Open Your Heart to be Surprised

Trust and let God surprise you. You can be confident in Christ, your creator. This is how confidence begins as your relationship with God and yourself grows during your own personal and intimate journey. You can count on the Truth that the Lord is for you, not against you. Jeremiah 29;11 says. “For I know the plans I have for you declared by the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans for hope, and a future.” Did you ever say or feel that it doesn’t seem like God was for you as you experienced something challenging? I am guilty. I struggled with self-pity for way too long as I overcame the sadness and grief caused by my divorce. God showed me that sad times are an opportunity to offer and bear the cross as a prayer.

God, I learned can use our pain for good.

When I discovered this, I saw my trials as a way to give back to those I love. It was a way I could let God unite me to His suffering on the cross and see the beauty of what the cross of Christ’s suffering did for all of mankind, which was our eternal rescue! It brings us to the Glory of Heaven and new life! God gave me this wisdom, and I was so grateful, and I became much happier in my life! I started to have new dreams and goals, and I wanted to move forward and rise from all that held me back! 

Dream God Sized Dreams to bloom Creatively

5. Dream God Sized Dreams to Grow Your Creativity

Reach for God size dreams! Know that you don’t deserve anything less than God’s best! I wanted all the dreams I could dream up. God revealed that God-sized dreams are quite different from worldly dreams. God-size dreams are dreams that you let God be a part of with you. You cannot control them but give yourself up totally to God’s full reign over your life. In accepting this, you are free to be all in, to receive your own fiat. To allow God to make you all that you were created to be. You allow God to be God. You know you are not alone. You see Him at work in your life, and you let Him.

I learned that God size dreams don’t always turn out the way you thought by any means. But that is the beauty of God! You can go through a season, maybe even a year, of writing a 200-page memoir, and you think this will be such an accomplishment. But I learned that God did so much work for me that I knew the right thing to do was honor my past, protect my privacy, and do the hard thing, which was not publishing it. I had a thought run through my mind.

Did I waste all this time? I quickly knew the answer. No. 

Trust to Grow Creatively

6. Nothing is Wasted – Rise Above

Nothing is wasted by God! What does this mean? I realized that seasons are linked to the wonders God is working out in our God-size dreams. We don’t always get to see the unknown. It can be scary, especially in a season of falling or failing in the world’s culture rule book. We must rise above those standards and live under God’s standards. No matter what, we are loved, and we are enough. God plants all the seeds when we don’t always see them, usually during hard times. God prunes us, cuts us back, and grounds us when out of control so we can ultimately thrive. 

It is helpful sometimes for creatives looking to grow creatively to clear out some clutter, let go of things that are holding you back, and know, that some things in our lives are only meant to serve a purpose and are not meant to be kept for ever. In this way, nothing is wasted and you open up space for you to grow your creativity

Rise above to grow in your creativity

7. Trust God Has Given You Creative Gifts

Let God surprise you as you trust. Trust is key to confidence. We know God has our back! We know we belong! We know who we are! We become confident in Christ. We become confident in ourselves! Trust Grows! God size dreams start to ascend before our eyes!

Once you begin to trust yourself and your art look for other ways you can be creative. Finding new gifts opens us up to dream bigger and further grow in your creativity.

Trust God to Grow in Your Creative Confidence

8. God’s Power to Grow Your Creativity

Don’t Underestimate the Power of God! We know we can do hard things! All things are possible with God. Bringing God into your life, you worry less! He is all-powerful, all-loving, all-wise, and will provide! Take the cap off, and don’t limit God. He will carry you to new places, heights, insights, and wonders you never could imagine.

God's Power will help you grow creatively

9. Offer Yourself Grace

Give yourself kindness, patience, and space to grow in your creativity! You don’t have to be perfect; that is God’s job! Don’t be afraid to try, fall, get back up, and try again. 

Give yourself grace to bloom creatively

10. Your Creativity Has Bloomed – Harvest Your Creativity

With gratitude, see your fruits and harvest and all your creative beauty sprouted tall with confidence in you in full bloom! You have arrived! Together God brought my memoir My Devine Heart to life as I connected to the Divine spring of creative confidence in my life! Though not what I thought it would be, somehow I sprouted into painting furniture, and a small business called Faith Filled Furniture was born.

Gratititude can help you grow your creativity!

I would inspire faith through beauty, reminding others, like the unloved furniture I breathe new life into, we are always worth more. My Devine Heart, the name of my website and blog, was born. Where I was able to keep the things God taught me alive to help share them with others. The pillars of Faith, Family, Fun, and Function are infused with inspiration, compassion, quality, and positivity! The possibilities are endless and with God! This is just the beginning!

harvest what you've grown to be more creative

What are your fruits and harvest God is showing you? Can you see them clearly?

Is there silence in your soul now, a moment of wonder in awe of the beauty of You? Let God create with you your own unique creative confidence and how it looks so beautiful on You in Full Bloom! Go, shine, my friends!

I hope this post inspires you to take this Spring season to confidently bloom and grow your creativity!

Check out my PORTFOLIO to see how my creativity and grown and bloosmed following these ten steps I used to grow my creativity and confidence!

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