Hi, I’m Diane.

I began my journey of transformative healing as an unwilling traveler when my marriage of twenty-five years ended. After that, I was a lost wanderer who took the long road to recovery. Eventually, I found my way back to my Catholic faith and to our Lord and savior. Where He showed me the path to my authentic self and identity as a child of God.

As part of my healing, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write. So I wrote song lyrics, poetry and journaled all that was in and on my heart. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I planted seeds in a garden that would blossom into a wealth of creativity.

Each time I created something, it was with the intention that all the work I did should glorify God. It didn’t matter how big or small my “work” was; everything I did was to give God the glory. As a result, I came alive with vibrancy and vitality for living my life to the fullest! By bringing God into my every day, I acknowledged His presence in every facet of my life. As a result, I was transformed. I went from feeling like an unloved piece of furniture to one who converted worn and unloved furniture into beautiful centerpieces for homes. This hands-on work, in essence, became a transformative therapy for me because I could see the parallels in my own personal transformation.

More about me:

  • Owner of FaithFilledFurniture – which is a custom furniture business. I take old furniture with “good bones” and upcycle it to become a beautiful heirloom piece to be loved in your home for years to come. As a bonus we keep furniture out of landfills and do something good for our planet.
  • Humble witness of learning to surrender self-will to God’s will.
  • Reawakened disciple of Christ
  • Passionately Catholic

  • Along with restoring furniture, creating art, and writing, I also enjoy good health, running to Christian music and the rocky soundtrack, gardening, fantastic cuisine, a great cup of coffee, and everything farmhouse and cozy!
  • I currently reside in my upstate NY home.
  • I am a mother to three married children.
  • Dear to my heart are family and friends, especially my grandchildren.

  • Completed and ongoing professional training programs:
  • Empower by Design with Dionne Wood of the Turquoise Iris
  • Courage on Canvas fall 2021
  • Belong to creativity groups: The Turquoise Iris creative connection
  • Creativity at your fingertips with Dionne Woods
  • Painting group: Anissa Marie Collective member
  • Painting classes: with Laura Leubner