4 Steps to Find Your Passion

photo of woman painting in brown wooden easel

1. Do everything, and we mean EVERYTHING with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14 states, “Do everything in love.” We hear you LOUD and clear, Lord! Seriously, from now on, you gotta love everything you do. Or at least, do it all with a loving heart. For example, you may not love scrubbing your kids’ bathroom toilet, but you love your kids – focus on that.

When you commit to putting love and making love the moving force in your life, you give your “passion muscles” lots of exercise. This constant exercise, in turn, allows God to move in your life to begin to reveal your passions. Even if you’re pretty sure you know where your passions lay, trust us – God will surprise you!

Don’t forget: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa
Your passions need not be extravagant or expensive.

2. As it turns out, those small things add up. Take a look at the things you gravitate to. Pay close attention to the colors you choose, the music you listen to, the books and magazines you buy, the food you eat, and the things you find beauty in.

Is there a recurring theme in your life? What is your heart telling you. Ignore your head for a moment, and listen to your heart.
Are you living your most authentic self? The person God means you to be? When we are living as God desires, our passions are ignited.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” ― St. Catherine of Siena

3. What do you love?

Where are you spending your money, what YouTube videos or podcasts are you listening to, who are you following on social media (we hope you’re following us). What topics are you frequently sharing with others? If you’re still trying to figure out where your passions lay, see if you can find any consistent theme. Follow that.

4. Pause the talk, and begin the walk.

Yep. This is where you begin to take action toward the thing or things you’re most passionate about.

It’s up to you what this looks like. For me, it involved a paintbrush and some furniture; for you, it could mean making music, drawing, writing, cooking, baking, gardening, taking a class.

Find a way to engage in these things you love. Building your life around what matters to you, what you love and have a passion for, is not something you will regret, especially when you share it with the people who matter most to you.

Call the Holy Spirit and give glory to God for setting you on the path to fulfilling your dreams by way of what you are passionate about. In the comments, tell us what your passions are.

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